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Story Topics

Vagabonding (i.e., personal, long-term travel) is an intriguing and timely topic that can be covered from a variety of angles. And, in addition to Vagabonding Rolf Potts has written about independent and budget travel for the likes of National Geographic Adventure,, and Conde Nast Traveler. Rolf informs his perspective from nine years spent living and traveling around the world — and many of his views go against the conventional wisdom of the travel industry.

Possible story topics include:

The vagabonding phenomenon

Every day, normal people from all walks of life put their lives on hold, pack their bags, and depart to travel the world for weeks, months, and years at a time. Some of them may be your friends or coworkers. Rolf's book endorses, informs and demystifies this pervasive (and enticing) travel trend.


Long-term travel as a lifestyle alternative in an economic downturn

After the crash of an overheated late-nineties U.S. economy, many Americans (and those in their twenties and thirties in particular) have reconsidered their values. Instead of seeking material wealth, they are now spending more time seeking a more fulfilling life — and long-term travel is a popular way to do this.


Making work serve your interests instead of the other way around

Many people long to travel the world, but are afraid to quit their jobs. Others don't mind the idea of quitting, but are afraid they won't find work when they return. Rolf shares his perspective on finding the time to travel through constructive quitting, sabbaticals, and leaves of absence.


Safe (yet intrepid) travel in a world that seems dangerous

Recent world events have led many people to think that international travel is a dangerous undertaking — when in fact it can be as safe or safer than a stroll across your hometown. Rolf gives pointers on how to stay safe overseas while still having an unforgettable travel adventure.


Culturally and environmentally responsible travel

Rolf offers an opinionated, against-the-grain perspective on issues like culturally and environmentally aware travel. His recent articles on the arrival of tourism in previously untouched regions of Asia have recently appeared in Conde Nast Traveler.


Going where the guidebooks don't

For all the talk of "independent" travel, statistics show that few travelers stray from the parameters established by Lonely Planet and other guidebooks. Rolf shares tips and strategies for finding your own adventures on the road.


Working and volunteering abroad

Overseas job and volunteer opportunities are some of the best ways to experience the world and enhance a long-term journey. Rolf offers unconventional advice on how to find these opportunities, how to avoid scams, and how to make sure you are working or volunteering for the right reasons.


The mistakes that all travelers make

Many travel pundits can give you tips on how to avoid travel mistakes, but travel gaffes are often an unavoidable part of the adventure. Rolf shares advice on how to cultivate an attitude that helps you deal with the inevitable travails of travel.


Saving money in a local economy

There are a million ways to micromanage "budget travel," but the best way to save money on the road is to live within the local economy of your host country. This is also the best way to ensure that your travel dollar finds the people who need it the most. Rolf offers tips on how to save money by cutting out the middlemen.

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